Lasting Impressions

Merry Christmas

So many stories from walking in Holy places

Bethlehem and the shepherd’s fields

Sea of Galilee

Calvary and the Empty Tomb.

The city of Jerusalem



new friends

give Riley some time.

The stories he knows have new details.

Before now everything he understood from the framework of church and movies like Jesus Christ Superstar. He now has a new perspective.

given time I am sure you will hear about … Caiphas’ house, Pilate, the tomb, the place of Jesus birth, a boat ride on Galilee, the Jordan river, prayers at the wall, and so much more.

until then know … The story is real.

Merry Christmas and Happy Easter!


Last day in the Holy land

a day of farewells

we will miss seeing these old stones everyday.

our day began at St Anne’s Church. The home of Mary’s parents. This is an incredible crusader era church and is perfect for singing! Did I mentioned Riley liked this place?

Located nearby is the pools of Bethesda where Jesus healed the man. The porticos are still visible.

we then headed to the birthplace of John the Baptist. We found a cool surprise hiding on a wall.

even lunch provided a few surprises. Hamburgers on the grill were great. Connecting with former guide was a great surprise. And the church was open. We learned the church has been here for a long time built over caves known be a spot where Elijah, Elisha, and Abraham were believed to have stayed during their travels!

one final stop. A communion service at the Garden Tomb. A very meaningful time and a great close to the trip.

we have a long flight ahead of us and then a few more things to share before Christmas.

we are headed home blessed by our time here, but ready to be home.

but mindful that as Riley just said, I’m going miss this place it feels like home.

Day 5 is a day of Worship

Sunday on the way of sorrows.

this was serious stuff for Riley and not a detail would be missed. We would begin with Jesus before Pilate – another bucket list place for Riley. And then we would travel to Calvary and the tomb.

we wandered the old city traveling the path and story of Jesus’ last day. Ending at the church of the holy sepulchre. There is the place of the cross … The place where Jesus was wrapped… And the tomb … Riley wants you all to know the tomb is empty — he checked!

Our guide is a member of the Greek Orthodox church adjacent to the holy sepulchre. We were able to meet her priest and were warmly greeted by members of her church as they finished services.

After a lunch break, we headed to the Western Wall for prayer and then the teaching steps for a final message for our day. These steps were where Jesus would have walked and taught. Also likely where Peter preached on Pentecost. Riley read scripture and shared a message. It was the highlight of the day according to Riley – dad thought so too.

We finished the day taking a picture Sherry and I have taken together…. Our hands on a stone from the time of Herod’s temple.

in any book that’s a good Sunday.