The Routine of Family Fun Friday

The difficulty of Family Fun Friday Adventures is that is really easy to make them look like Grand Adventures. And some truly are, but the reality is most are just routine. Take for example last Friday.

We had a plan to pick up lunch, eat it at a park, take in the scenery, and then go to a favorite place we hadn’t been to in over a year for some more fun. And then life happened. The place we wanted to pick up lunch – was closed – for good. So onto the same place (did I mention they have great gluten free bread and more than one location?) on the other side of town. We arrive, order, and then they inform us they do not have gluten free bread. Cancel order and change plans – again. We are now dining in.

After lunch, we change parks and head to Holcomb Gardens at Butler instead. A Great Adventure (see the photos above) but now our timing and location are off and it is nearing rush hour. We have some shopping that needs done and we don’t have time to finish our plans.

Did we have a Family Fun Friday? Yes.

Was it the day we planned? No.

Was it more like real life filled with challenges and disappointments? You bet.

But, we were together for the day and we still managed to check off the 3 main ingredients of a Family Fun Friday. Truth is that is what most of our Fridays are really like.

Take for instance these Fun Fridays:

Family Fun Friday – planting flowers and spreading mulch plus dinner out (upper left)

Family Fun Friday – shopping and eating lunch at a new place to us – Fat Dan’s Deli (lower left)

Family Fun Friday – lunch with my Dad at a new place to us – 3 in 1 Restaurant – with fresh made tortilla chips (middle left and middle right)

Family Fun Friday – shopping a simply driving around discovering all that is closed or to hectic to want to go in, but look at the art on the wall as we stop at the light (upper right)

Family Fun Friday – Midland Arts and Antiques spending the day wandering around looking at stuff and discovering the Bat Signal and toy dolls that once were loved? (Lower right)

Those were routine days – not grand adventures.

But they were fun because we chose to spend the day together. And when it seemed mundane, we chose to call it fun anyway.

And it was Fun. We did something. We were together. And somehow we experienced culture.

And now it is nearly Friday once again … will it be new? routine? disappointing? or grand?

Truth is it is our choice.

The story from the day may not grand from your perspective, but it will be for us.

Because we will have spent the day together.

Here’s to more routine days … together.