Day 190

Today’s Reading – Isaiah Chapters 1-4
Stop bringing meaningless offerings! Your incense is detestable to me.  Isaiah 1:13
The nation was prospering, so things must be right with God. Isaiah comes and says no they are not. Your actions are empty. Your worship is meaningless. Judgement is coming. The message is not all doom and gloom from God.
“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD.
“Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow”
 Isaiah 1:18

There is hope.

George Barna reported that 62% of the people surveyed in America said the church in America was losing its influence on society.

Is it any wonder when the average church spends just 5% on outreach while spending 30% for buildings and maintenance.
Churches in America are spending on the average 3 billion dollars (yes Billion!) a year on construction.  Perhaps we, like the people in Jerusalem, are just going through the motions of church.

We who know the message of hope must do more than build buildings that house hope.

We must take hope to the streets.
Tomorrow’s Reading – Isaiah Chapters 5-8


I am a United Methodist Pastor and have the privilege of serving as the Senior Pastor for the church of my childhood. I preach in a place I once was an acolyte. I love to preach, but more importantly I love to teach. I firmly believe that Faith Matters and should affect how we live. This blog is a place where I come to share the randomness that is life and faith ... and the intersection of the two.

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