Day 156

Today’s Reading – Proverbs Chapters 7-9


At the window of my house, I looked down through the lattice.  

With persuasive words she led him astray;
she seduced him with her smooth talk.

Her house is a highway to the grave,
leading down to the chambers of death.

     Proverbs 7:6,21,27

Solomon now warns us of the dangers of not remaining true to the wisdom we have gained.

Wisdom is to be the love of our life, but that does not mean that we will not be tempted to stray from her.

This story is a warning about adulteress behavior and guarding yourselves against those temptations – I wonder did this lesson come from his father David who told him the story of meeting his mother (At the window of my house I looked down through the lattice).

This story is also about the many ‘voices’ that tempt us to leave the path of wisdom.

Knowing what is right and doing what is right is not always easy.

This story warns of the temptations that will come and the danger that exists in giving in to the temptations.

There is a lot of ‘smooth talk’ out there telling you it is okay and no harm will come.

I can’t say it enough – How you live your faith matters NOW and always.

You have a choice to make.

Remain true to wisdom or become the fool.

Tomorrow’s Reading – Proverbs Chapters 10-12



I am a United Methodist Pastor and have the privilege of serving as the Senior Pastor for the church of my childhood. I preach in a place I once was an acolyte. I love to preach, but more importantly I love to teach. I firmly believe that Faith Matters and should affect how we live. This blog is a place where I come to share the randomness that is life and faith ... and the intersection of the two.

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