Day 90

Today’s Reading – Judges Chapters 3-5
So the land had peace for forty years, until Othniel son of Kenaz died.  Judges 3:11
Until . . .

That is the cycle we are now in . . . until . . .

Until what?

We had it so good until we forgot why . . .

and then we did things our way . . .

Until Othniel . . . but then . . .
big_thumbUntil Ehud . . . but then . . .

Until Deborah . . . but then . . .

Until . . .

Get used to it we are stuck in this cycle.

It takes some pretty rough and tumble, get the job done, leaders to gain the attention of these folks.

You would think they would have learned by now.

Then again you would think we would have learned by now and yet here we are living in our own world of sin and rebellion. Perhaps we need our own Canaanites pounding on our doors to wake us up and realize that God’s way is the best.

That would work for a while, but then . . .

Until tomorrow . . .

Tomorrow’s Reading: Judges Chapters 6-9

Day 89

Today’s Reading – Judges Chapters 1-2
After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the LORD nor what He had done for Israel.   Judges 2:10 NIV
There has been lot written about today’s younger generation – not much of it good.
The_Younger_Generation_posterAfter reading this passage today, I am convinced that Gen Y is not a new phenomenon.

Consider that Gen Y has been identified by the following stats:

– 40% of this group have turned away from Christianity

– 50% of this group consider themselves Atheist or Agnostic

As a matter of fact as we continue to read the Old Testament, we will discover that this type of generation keeps popping up.

Perhaps the reason lies in the passage highlighted today: another generation grew up who knew neither the LORD nor what He had done for Israel

Instead of passing judgement on the current generation, perhaps we need to look in the mirror?

How does a generation grow up not knowing about God?

It does so because the previous generation forgot to teach about all that God has done.

We (you, me, and the church) have failed a generation. We have not been able to articulate the message of God’s grace in our lives. We have failed in word and in action.

We can be thankful for the few that have not forgotten. We can be thankful for the few within Gen Y that hold to this faith and are willing to tell others about the faith that they have discovered.

The question remains: Will we help them share the message of God’s grace or will we get in the way and complain about their methods?

Tomorrow’s Reading: Judges Chapters 3-5

Day 88

Day 88 Reading – Joshua Chapters 22-24



And when the Israelites heard that they had built the altar on the border of Canaan at Geliloth near the Jordan on the Israelite side, the whole assembly of Israel gathered at Shiloh to go to war against them.
JOSHUA 22:11-12 NIV

We should be able to identify with this story.  How often we rush to judgement based on what we have seen or heard.  Let it be said that facts should never get in the way of an opinion.

The Israelites didn’t have the facts.  They thought their brothers were rebelling against God. The facts were anything but that.

Calmer heads prevail and before war there is a coming together.

There is an open dialogue.

There is understanding.

We are still trying to learn the lesson . . .

Slow down

Get your facts straight

Don’t rush to judgement

Is there someone or something in your life that needs a second look?

Be careful the conclusions you draw when all the facts are not known.


Day 89 Reading – Judges Chapters 1-2